Community Service Manager

Community Service Manager provides the essential tools that allow you to focus on service, not recordkeeping.

Why Community Service?

Much of what we should be teaching in schools goes beyond the core subjects.  We are, after all, developing people first and foremost. Even in many of our most progressive schools, one missing component is often a healthy community service program. 

This is not because any of us doubt the value of serving others.  We grow as we serve others.  It should be a fundamental component of secondary education.  What is keeping most schools from having a flourishing community service program?

One of the biggest impediments is organizing all those service opportunities, matching them with all those students and then keeping track and verifying that the service has been performed. It’s an organizational challenge…except with the right tools.

Community Service Manager provides the essential tools that allow you to focus on service, not recordkeeping.

Foster the concept of service in our youth
  • Teach and reinforce the act of serving others.
  • Expose students to less fortunate people and situations.
  • Offer a path to “redemption” rather than merely punishing a mistake.
  • Build confidence in young people that they can make a difference.
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Student Run Fundraising

One of the great recent developments in fundraising is the recent appearance of online tools for fundraising.

  • Fundraising tools are so easy to use that K12 students can create and run their own fundraising events. Community Service Manager integrates online fundraisers with other service activities.
  • The tools collect the donations and deliver them to the charity.
  • They take care of tax documentation for donors.
  • They track the progress of donations.
  • There is no need to form a charitable corporation because donations are collected and distributed by the fundraising company.
  • Common student-run fundraisers include: student concert, soccer clinic, pet walk, dance, talent show, bake sale, craft fair, bowling tournament, babysitting, princess party, car wash, fun run and whatever else the kids might come up with.


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Nurture your community as you build alliances & add value
  • Demonstrate your school’s compassion for those in need.
  • Support your community to gain more support from your community.
  • Build “capital” in your school’s account with the community for those inevitable rainy days.
  • Brighten the life of the needy by engaging our youth.
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Easily customize to your school and community needs
  • Professionally organize your outreach to the public.
  • Assign merit values for community service contributions and allow students to remediate negative discipline matters through positive service to their community.
  • Allow the community to submit community service opportunities that will not be posted until approved by the school designee.
  • Share data input for your community service program among all participants. 
  • Approve service opportunities before students can see them.
  • Easy online submission of completed opportunities for a school designee to approve before credit is awarded.
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Readily document all community service efforts
  • Help students get credit for court-ordered community service
  • Set goals for individual students, large groups (classes, the honor society, etc.), and for the school as a whole.
  • Manage permission forms and student emergency contact information online, within the system.
  • User-friendly online feedback can be requested from the student and the community service provider.
  • Easily generate detailed reports of all the school’s community service efforts, or break it down by group and/or individual student.
  • Attention-getting reports can be printed for university and scholarship applications.
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