Facilities Reservations Manager

Facilities reservations: Centralize the info, distribute the control.

Shared facilities reservations calendar
  • Facilities Reservations Manager allows faculty and staff to coordinate room and other resource reservations online.
  • Available to all from anywhere.
  • Different people can be in charge of different facilities. Coach can control the gym and playing fields, librarian can control the library rooms.
  • Users can browse through current reservations on a calendar display.
  • Look for an available resource among several possibilities.
Electronic Signatures
Facilities Reservations Manager
Facilities Reservations Manager
Prevent scheduling conflicts
  • System automatically checks for conflicts
  • Prevents the reservation request if conflicts exist.
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Automatic notification
  • Person responsible for the requested resource is notified of the request by email and can choose to confirm the reservation.
  • The requestor is automatically notified by email of the confirmation.
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Month-at-a-time and day-at-a-time views
  • Day-at-a-time view clearly shows which facilities are available when.
  • User can click on an available space to make a reservation.
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Flexible reservations
  • Request reservations by time or by school period.
  • Reservations can be of any duration.
  • Reservation can be for a single event or recurring events.
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