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Monday, November 18, 2013

Edclick Joins Pearson ISV Partnership Program

Garland, Texas October 31, 2013 --Edclick expands the discipline capabilities of PowerSchool by joining Pearson’s ISV Partnership Program.

Discipline Manager, Edclick’s top selling software program, gives extended capability to PowerSchool’s current discipline software by allowing schools to track referrals, tardies, sign outs and much more. Discipline Manager is a comprehensive, web-based, discipline management system designed to streamline the discipline process.

Originally created as part of a comprehensive plan to improve achievement at a Title I Texas middle school in 2005, Discipline Manager is now used in over 14 states across the country and expanding each month. 

The embedded interface with PowerSchool will allow Edclick software to easily import and export important local and state reporting measures. Along with Discipline Manager, add Intervention (RTI) Manager, Testing Manager or any other software items seamlessly to your school.

“Edclick is extremely excited about the integration with PowerSchool because our software will expand to new heights as schools get real time updates of their student lists and are able to report state required information directly to PowerSchool. By joining the ISV Partnership Program, Pearson has allowed us to take our software to the next level”, stated Ken Washam Director of Sales and Marketing at Edclick.

About Edclick

EdClick, formerly Harry Tennant & Associates, Inc., was formed in 1993 by Dr. Harry Tennant. Prior to forming Edclick, Dr. Tennant spent 14 years at Texas Instruments, was a TI Fellow, Chief Technologist of the IT Group and conducted research into various aspects of computing technologies. He was also selected as one of 100 Outstanding Scientists under age 40 by Science Digest magazine.

In 2002, Edclick started partnering with schools to meet the desire for more effective school related software. Each software product has been developed in close collaboration with school administrators and teachers.

Our goal is to continue making software for educator by educators.

For more information, visit www.edclick.com or contact sales@edclick.com.

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