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School Safety Manager
Threat assessment software

Research based system for detecting and preventing targeted violent attacks in schools.

Preventing School Violence
with School Safety Manager

Get the details in our white paper, Preventing School Violence with School Safety Manager. It covers 1) Anticipating and defusing threats, 2) Managing a threatening situation and monitoring progress and 3) School culture: Proactive steps to minimize the likelihood of violence.

Learn how School Safety Manager 1) integrates information from multiple sources, 2) helps in making threat assessments and monitoring progress away from violence, 3) is easy for intermittant use, 4) supports following pre-arranged processes in response to threats and 5) provides you the means to make students and parents both be safer and feel safer.

Software for threat assessment and monitoring

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1. Anticipating and defusing threats.

Know what to look for. Know who to ask.

2. Threat assessment.

Are students just fooling around or planning and preparing for violence? We take you step-by-step through the threat assessment process.

3. Interventions and progress monitoring.

Once a plan for violence is discovered, what do you do? Immediately and over the long term?

4. Ultimate prevention: change the school culture.

How to set expectations of safety, eliminate the code of silence and develop teacher skills for safety. Students should both be safe and feel safe.

Software for Preventing Targeted Violence

Data integration

Tips, concerns and clues may come in bits and pieces from multiple sources.

School Safety Manager helps collect and organize it.

Data sharing

The information needed for making threat assessments and monitoring progress must be available to many people with different areas of expertise and authority.

School Safety Manager is a central repository of information that can be viewed by multiple authorized people as needed.

Easy to learn, easy to use

Thankfully, threat assessments in school don't need to be done every day. But that causes those responsible for setting and monitoring threat levels to get hazy about it after a period of disuse.

School Safety Manager presents information and steps in the processes so that users can do a good job of threat assessment and monitoring even if they do it infrequently.

Manage fidelity to the process

Threat assessment and monitoring is based on a set of processes which differ according to the threat. The effectiveness of processes like these is that people actually follow them.

School Safety Manager structures the forms and dialogs to ensure that users are aware of the process steps and know what to do next.

Assure parents and students

School shootings are especially tragic because the victims are children. They get extensive coverage in the media. It makes students and parents anxious about whether tragedy might strike at their school. School Safety Manager is designed to prevent violent attacks based on the research and experience from the accumulated experience of the violent attacks that have been all too numerous.

When parents ask, "What are you doing to prevent these violent attacks from happening at your school?" you've got a good answer: you've got School Safety Manager.

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