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Testing Manager

How does Testing Manager make the standardized testing processeasy?

The Problem
  • State-mandated testing includes many requirements
  • Students must be given the tests that states require
  • Many students qualify for special accommodations which must be identified ahead of time and assigned to testing locations accordingly
  • Proctors must be assigned, trained and file oaths for understanding and abiding by the testing rules
  • Records and documentation must be made and kept for a prescribed period of years
  • Records must match test results
  • ...and the requirements go on!
  • And then there's testing for Advanced Placement, Gifted and Talented, college entrance, vocational testing, staff development and more.
Electronic Signatures
Testing Manager Solution

With Edclick's Web-based Testing Manager:

  • Assign staff to be test proctors with a few clicks.
  • Assign students to tests and proctors with a few clicks.
  • Automatically compare school test rosters to state test rosters to ensure an exact match to testing requirements.
  • Gather testing accommodations input per student from your Special Ed Committee, Section 504 Committee, Language Proficiency Committee and classroom teachers.
  • Consolidate testing accommodations inputs into an accommodation plan for each student and each test where applicable.
  • Red-flag accommodations discrepencies that do not match accommodations recommended by accommodation committees.
  • Create electronic forms with electronic signatures for Oaths and other required forms for proctors, testing coordinators, administrators and others. Store forms securely with easy access and without consuming file cabinet space.
    Electronic Signatures
  • Easily track electronic forms which have been not been signed and those that have been signed to ensure 100% compliance.
  • Automatically generate test rosters with accommodations and other necessary info to proctors.
  • Automatically generate test rosters for public posting so students know where to go on test day.
  • Quickly create drag-and-drop seating arrangements to be archived with test documentation archive.
  • Complete records: Testing Manager provides complete and easily accessible testing records over time for transparency and accountability.
  • Customizable: The system is customizable to your school's testing process.
Assign Accommodations
Setting Accommodations is easy