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Monday, November 13, 2017

How can we update our special ed and LEP students?

We have connections to several student information systems from which we automatically update student lists. However, many SISs do not include information about special ed, ESL/LEP, Section504 and other designations of interest in behavior management.

So, how can you get info like this into Behavior Manager? It's easy. Use the Student Import Wizard. (The Student Import Wizard can be found in the admin section under Customizing and Editing.)

Let's say you want to import a list of students who are special ed or LEP. Create a tab-separated text file with columns StudentID, SpecialEd, ESL. For both SpecialEd and ESL, enter a 1 for yes and 0 for no. It's convenient to start with a spreadsheet then save the file as a tab-separated text file.

Next, follow the steps in the wizard to import the file. It will update the SpecialEd and ESL fields and leave the rest unchanged.

A couple of special notes: If your StudentIDs have leading zeros like 0012345, the spreadsheet will remove them unless you format the StudentID column as Text (not General or Number).

If your import file has ONLY the special ed and ESL students in it, pay special attention to the question on the first page of the wizard: Are you archiving all students not on this list? Click NO.

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